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Title: The Traitor Daughter
Author: Tomgirl
Primary Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Secondary Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: M (Sexual Content/Violence)
Summary Marked a traitor Sonja Sarri is on the run from the people she once called her family. She has no one to turn to, no one expect mage-in-training, Devi. The crimes that she is accused of committing Sonja knows that she could not have done. Yet, the memories that could prove whether or not they could be true have been taken from her. Now Sonja and Devi must travel to the only being that could help them find her memories, but this will prove
difficult with a heavy price on her head. And enemies are everywhere.

Sonja Sarri copy copy
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I was going to die.

Water was everywhere, entering my lungs, blinding me – the speed of the current took me away.

I tried to reach up and hold on to something, only to have them slip away.

I felt the pull coming. I was going down and I didn’t know if I would ever get back up.

And the coldness. The coldness seeped through my skin and pierced right to the bone.

Kicking, I broke the surface and screamed, only to be brought down again.

Witches couldn’t swim. Witches never swam. If we drowned we would die. I was going to die.

I kicked fiercely, only to hit something which sent a shocking pain through me. I screamed again, unable to stop myself, only to have water rush in.

My arms were useless. They weighed too much.

I was so tired. Oh Goddess, I was exhausted.

Closing my eyes I let the current take me.

I never thought of death. Even when I was imprisoned, death always felt beyond me. I never thought about what my last words would be, what my last meal would be, or even that there would a last anything.

Never once did I consider death. I still remember standing on the steps of the castle as funeral pyres were held. Never did I consider what my pyre would look like, a coffin filled with Calla Lilies, sent among the water and burning away as last words were spoken to me. Death had been everywhere at that time. Daughters of the Goddess and the Queen’s Ryders were dying left and right; our army exhausted. So many funerals were held – Gabriella insisted – the air smelled of fire.

I thought I would never get the smell off of me.

I was lying on the cold floor, making patterns on the concrete. My prison was already starting to feel like home. I guess it would be. I have shamed my family. I have destroyed the name of the Sarri. I have lost my family.

Closing my eyes, the dust filled air clings to my lungs and I cough, feeling blood rise up. My injuries have yet to heal properly and I know they would be coming soon. They always try to get me at my weakest in order to do the most damage, but at the same time they let my body regenerate because the last thing they want is for my death.

Death would be too easy. Death would make the suffering stop. Death would be a gift.

I felt a breeze on the side of my face, which is strange. There are no windows here. But there it was again, the gentle brush. I tried to open my eyes but everything hurt, even my eyelashes brushing against my cheek.

“Little witchling,” I heard the voice and my heart constricted. I knew the voice. It was one that I hadn’t heard in so long, but it was undeniable. “Wake up, little witch.” He laughed when I shivered, his voice was like bitter honey – dripped slowly and one expected the golden hue, except it would turn the blood cold and makes someone feel like their living in an empty void.

“Do you think you can hide?” His lips brushed against my ear and I couldn’t pull away. I didn’t want him so near me. “They will find you. We will find you. Little witch, little witch, what does it feel like knowing the whole world wants you dead?”

The pain came out of nowhere and I felt something pressed against my chest. The pain increased and I know that if I opened my eyes I would see his dark eyes, his unkind smile.

I opened my mouth and let out of scream. My ears were ringing. Every survival instinct that I thought was dead came back and I fought. I fought against the pain, I fought against what held me…something was holding me down.

Oh Goddess, no, no. I twisted, I pulled. Darkness clouded my mind. His laughter vanished, but I still heard him call out for me, “Little witch, little witch.”

I screamed again. I clawed at the arms that held me still.

“She’s going to hurt herself…”

“What’s happening?”

“We need more hands…hold her here.”

“Why is she fighting so much?”

I tried to use my legs, but they were held still. I tried to hit someone. They found me. Oh Goddess, they found me.

“Stop, please. Stop. Wake up. Wake up.” Instead of following the command, I felt the fight in me slowly leave.

I gasped, and for the first time in a long time I allowed myself to use my voice. “Please…” And the world disappeared. The last thing I saw were six pairs of eyes looking down at me as I escaped into oblivion.

My ears were buzzing. Everything felt numb. I tried to open my eyes only to shut them again; there was a bright light that brought tears to my eyes. How long has it been since I last saw the light?

I tried to open my eyes again, I didn’t want to miss the light, but I was already gone.

“Wake up.” The voice sounded far away. It was rough, a man’s, and for a moment I was worried that it was one of the Guards come to take me for another torture session.

I felt my blood begin to rush as fear overtook me. I was going to fight them. I would fight them until I was bleeding. I would rather die here than go wherever they plan to take me.

Struggling to escape their touch, I heard shouts and knew backup was coming. They could send an army and I wouldn’t stop.
When I opened my eyes I saw them. They toward over me, large, hideous things that eyed me with evil intent. I knew what was happening, this has happened before, but I couldn’t stop the scream from climbing out of my throat.

Everything was burning. Everything hurt. I didn’t know if it was real or not. Something moved towards me and I fought. I tried to escape but I knew it was useless. My legs couldn’t move. Why aren’t my legs moving? Panic was setting in and the world became hazy as I suddenly sprang up only to collapse again.

The world was falling. I went down screaming as the pain spread. It was everywhere I hardly noticed the throbbing that came from my arms…or maybe it was my legs. All I knew is that I was going to die.

I was going to die and I would. I’d rather take my secrets to the grave.

Shadows crawled and I saw the light fade. The monsters that stood over me shifted, no longer the beings I saw. Funny trick Elyse. I wanted to say. I was ready to see the Ryders watching me. I was ready to hear the mockery…

But my last glimpse of what stood over me surprised me as I recognized the expression; one I have not seen in a long time: Concern.

Yay, I'm back! I've been reworking this chapter way more than I probably should and I'm a little nervous about this chapter, mostly because I'm not sure how well people will understand Sonja. Not to mention school just wants to keep me from having any sort of free time to sit down and work on this. Warning, it will be slow going in the beginning. I'm still trying to figure out how to pick it up or maybe just leave it as is, but there is a lot of setting up going on right now. Thanks again for those that have read and gave some wonderful comments! If I haven't replied to you yet that doesn't mean I have forgotten about you! Thanks again!

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